welcome to sip n paint dxb

Sip N Paint DXB specialises in creating memorable experiences that blend creativity, team building, and cultural appreciation.

Our events are designed to bring people together, encourage self-expression using ART, MUSIC and DANCE. We host weekly public events, private events and corporate events

meet our
founder, hear our story

"Hey there! Thank you for choosing Sip N Paint DXB. I hope our events bring you enjoyment, calm and a sense of awakening from within. My name is Ruth and I am a full-time artist based in vibrant Dubai, I was born in Kenya but grew up in the UK. I live and breathe art, and my journey has taken me from being a full-time art teacher to pursuing my passion as a full time artist

I love making artwork that moves my soul. I created this platform as a way to share the inner peace I get from making art and the joy I feel when I dance. create and listen to African music also known as Afrobeats. I truly believe that art has a way of just freeing us from stress, bringing us together and allowing us to look within.

Many people ask me how this platform began and actually it started from my art journey. I truly enjoy creating african art as it represents who I am. Most of my pieces are intuitive as they allow me to get lost with the colours and lines. I also love sharing my art to the world as I believe intuitive painting really soothes my soul and it can for anyone. Because of sharing my journey and my truth I have also been fortunate enough capture the eyes of stars like Rick Ross, Michael B. Jordan, and Dina Asher-Smith on instagram. My journey has truly been amazing and I am grateful you all get share it with me. I hope you have a great a time with us."